Geva Alon:

This is what other say about Geva Alon:

– “Alon’s voice has a timeless, ageless quality, a soothing tuneful tenor voice – the kind that nobody bothers with anymore..‘Get Closer’ is haunting and brooding, yet simmers with an intensity and wild energy”.  Americana Uk
– “We’re hooked. After a gentle dreamy start, it drifts into something more powerful, from Neil Young to REM.”
Music week
– “Alon resonant voice ranges from rich Tom Rush baritone (‘Here Comes The Tune’) to Neil Young falsetto (‘The Wind Whispers’)”. Uncut magazine
– “Geva Alon, the Singer/Songwriter from Israel creates impressive atmospheres with his guitar and convinces with his voice”. Guitar magazine
– ” Israeli singer/songwriter Geva Alon has become Brooklyn’s latest musical import; bringing a strikingly wistful, delicate intensity to New York’s growing alternative-folk scene”. Relix Magazine

Yemen Blues:

“Shaped by his origins as a Yemeni Jew, the fascinating voice of Ravid Kahalani brilliantly evokes the musical universe of his ancestors. Stretching like a slow caravan crossing the desert, it winds through West African blues and the thousand and one vibrations of the Sahara, Nubian, Gnawi, Touaregs, Saidi and Bambara.
This luscious mix of jazz tonalities, which also crosses into funk, rings out as an ode to to African grooves and a modern echo of the ancestral rhythms. Ravid Kahalani creates a canvas printed both with deep emotions when his rasping laments tear open the heavens,but also with popular jubilation when the percussions, the oud, the celloand the brass instruments interweave in a harmonious dance that is complex and resolutely modern. A joyful oasis in the middle of the desert…”

Alma Zohar:

Alma Zohar is of Israel’s most distinct and unique voices. A singer songwriter with a unique and recognized style. Alma’s debut album – “Dabree” (2008) sold platinum and set new Israeli standards in both radio air play and mobile downloads. For her work on Dabree” Alma Zohar won ACUM’s (Israel’s composer’s & writers association) writer of the year and Pelephone’s (of Israel’s leading mobile vendors) best new comer award. “Dabree” hits topped the charts for more than a year and the album received raving reviews.cAlma’s second album “33″ was released early 2010 and again received extremely positive reviews presenting deeper, personal songwriting and her unique style. Both “Dabree” and “33″ were supported by extensive touring across Israel.

The Diwan Project:

The Jews of Medieval Spain had a tradition. They would often meet outside the synagogue or house of study. Following prayer or a study session, they would fill the gap between their religious and secular activity by creating a special kind of culture, integrating in this spiritual quest their yearning for the Shechina (the divine presence) and for the return to Zion. These encounters in Spain, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen were called Diwan.
The rich culture of Diwan; composed of song and Piyut (sacred poetry & prose) is a legacy that has had a profound influence on the creative activity and the songwriting of the people of Israel until this day. Women and men, young and old, even children – all take part in the Diwan, singing and praying together.
The Diwan Project is an ensemble that performs traditional music and song in a free, contemporary Israeli style, using original instruments from the Jewish Diaspora.
As opposed to a concert where the audience listens to the musicians and then applauds their performance, The Diwan Project begins and ends every prayer-song in silence. The journey, which lasts about two hours, builds up with the audience’s participation, sharing in song and in common intent.
In essence, The Diwan Project is a community gathering drawing together people from all cultures and traditions in a spirit of peace, respect and friendship.


Hamadregot (The stairs) are Hod Dayan (guitars) and Ilan Dimree (vocals). They are of Israel’s leading religious cross-over bands presenting a musical style relevant to both the religious-orthodox and the none religious. Hamadregot’s repertoire is mostly self written and composed – all based on old Jewish scriptures and current Jewish texts influenced by day-to-day living. Most of the dou’s song are of pop-rock-ethnic. Hamadregot’s debut album was released in 2000 to positive reviews and warm reception. It was a first album in the neo-Jewish music style that would turn into a local Israeli title wave in by 2005. In 2007 Hamadregot released their 3rd album and secured a loyal fan base across Israel.
During 2009 Hamadregot signed with LGM and released “Tree” – a collection of their best work since 2000 to raving reviews.,

Ariel Horovitz:

Singer songwriter, keyboard player, known for his unique personal style. His debut album (98) was a massive radio hit. Until 2009 Horovitz released 3 more albums – all presenting unique vocals and lyrics with 6-7 massive radio hits. Horovitz has also contributed as a writer-composer to many other Israeli artists among them names like Israeli legend Hava Alberstein. During 2009 Horvitz signed with LGM and released his 5th album – 5 – his most personal and socially involved work to-date. Horovitz is the son of Neomi Shemer probably Israel’s best known composer.,