Founded in 2006 by Doron Levitas and Omri Dolev Lev Group Media (LGM) is a digital & physical music distribution company and record label with strong digital focus that places artists and record companies in the forefront of its business.

LGM really knows music – sales, distribution, licensing, marketing, promotion, production and music management. Our experience has shown that achieving success in the highly competitive Israeli music market is a full-time, hands-on job. Because of this, LGM works with artists and labels we believe in and we focus intently on introducing and maintaining their music in all possible outlets.

LGM’s philosophy is quality and not necessarily quantity. This allows us to concentrate on our artists’ music, both old and new, and actively provide it to the public.

Successful distribution means choosing music that will work in the local market. LGM employees, many of whom are musicians, are extremely music and market savvy and they select, market and support the music content. Of course, the labels’ priority releases are always supported and advanced. At LGM we believe that our love and knowledge of music and the artists we work with, our in-depth understanding of the local market, our strong contacts in the digital & physical retail area, as well as our fanatical attention to detail is what makes us different.