Lev Group Media is a leader in publishing and sub-publishing in the Israeli market, exclusively representing Warner/Chappell Music and other catalogues. LGM is a full-service sub-publisher with local copyright agency (ACUM) representation, tracking & reporting, synchronization development (media-usage, film, and advertising), royalty collection and disbursement, and more.

The LGM Open Eco-System

The company’s primary focus is copyright revenue maximization for its client publishers by creating a strategic interconnection between physical, digital, film and TV, synchronizations and live performances with a powerful emphasis on A&R and marketing.



Our company’s philosophy and strength is based on:

  • Publishing soul with a marketing core
  • Strength of a major with the passion of an indie
  • Corporate stability and integrity
  • Music insight and foresight
  • Innovation and pioneering
  • Interconnection between all music formats and copyright maximization
  • 360 degrees catalogue exploitation mindset