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LGM focus is on

Domestic Market

– Maximizing our clients’ content potential in the Israeli market by applying steady, deep and wide push of the materials in all areas.

International Market

– Representing, analyzing, distribution and development of local content in global markets. We at LGM have the management skills and know how to maximize a music potential in multiple arena’s based on years of hands on experience and an impressive proven track record in and outside Israel.

LGM’s services

Physical and Digital Distribution
  1. Sales and logistical distribution
  2. Tracking and reporting
  3. Collection and payment of royalties

Marketing and promotions

  1. Digital marketing – web & mobile
  2. Physical marketing – in-shop promos, discounts and offers management, special events.
  3. Targeted PR – physical, digital, radio, TV and print.
  4. Special/Tailor made per project marketing.
  5. Cross promotion – digital and physical.
  6. Specialties – RBT promos, SMS blasts.

IFPI management

  1. Broadcasting promotion and PR
  2. Tracking and reporting
  3. Royalty collection and payment


  1. ACUM management (including mechanical and other rights)
  2. Synchronization
  3. Tracking and reporting
  4. Royalty collection and payment

Record Label

  1. Music Production
  2. Artist Management
  3. Live performance booking and promotion
International Distribution
1. Exporting and distributing domestic content
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